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The books I had ordered from Asia Bookroom a while ago were delivered today. The list of them is as follows:

  • Keith Foulcher. Social Commitment in Literature and the Arts: The Indonesian “Institute of People’s Culture” 1950-1965. Clayton: Centre of Southeast Asian Studies, Monash University, 1986. [ISBN: 0-86746-598-0]Social Commitment
  • Harry Aveling (ed., trans.). From Surabaya to Armageddon: Indonesian Short Stories. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong: Heinemann Educational Books, 1976. [ISBN: n.a.]From Surabaya to Armageddon
  • PKI dan Perwakilan: Majalah tentang perdjuangan dalam dewan2 perwakilan. Tahun ke-V No.2 dan 3 (1960, triwulan ke-2 dan ke-3), (Djakarta: Jajasan “Pembaruan”). [ISSN: n.a.]PKI dan Perwakilan

I have read the first one, and have its xerox photocopy, but a book fetishist always wants to own an original copy. The second book is compilation of translated cerita pendek. The thrid one is a copy of PKI’s journal, which I don’t know whether I really need or not.

(Added on 21 May) The contents of the second book:

  • Introduction
  • Idrus, “Surabaya”
  • Pramoedya Ananta Toer, “Inem”
  • Pramoedya Ananta Toer, “The Bastard”
  • Pramoedya Ananta Toer, “Letter to a Friend from the Country”
  • Sitor Situmorang, “Snow in Paris”
  • Sitor Situmorang, “Fontenay aux Roses”
  • Sitor Situmorang, “Mother Goes to Heaven”
  • Nugroho Notosusanto, “The Soldier”
  • Nugroho Notosusanto, “The Transfer”
  • A. A. Navis, “The Decline and Fall of our Local Mosque”
  • Umar Kayam, “A Thousand Fireflies in Manhattan”
  • Umar Kayam, “Bawuk”
  • Umar Kayam, “Fall in Connecticut”
  • Danarto, “Nostalgia”
  • Danarto, “Armageddon”
  • Notes on the Authors

2 thoughts on “Books just delivered

  1. I’m following the Ph.D. program ini Udayana University in Bali. Now I’m writing for my disertation, about the literature by Lekra members. So, the book I have seen here have close relation with my research topic. Could I get a copy?
    Best Regards
    I Wayan Artika

  2. Hi, Artika. I’m sorry, but now I live in Japan. So it’s hard to give photocopies of them to you, in addition to the copyright problem….

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